“Veronica has been advising and mentoring managers in the corporate world on how to implement technology for business advantage. Adept at filtering through tech technology hype and effectively applying marketing strategies, she has invaluable knowledge to offer. I look forward to reading this book! “
Charles Napier
Kellogg Alum (Northwestern Univ.)
30+ Year Industry Veteran
"I've had the pleasure to work with Veronica since our early exposure to personal computing, while offering decision support systems and networking solutions at Control Data and AT&T. Veronica's broad expertise, thought provoking business acumen and visionary approach to wireless network computing are creatively translated into a practical guide of considerations for the entrepreneur and marketeer alike. I expect this book will offer valuable insight into the art of marketing as a necessary framework to deliver successful solutions and ensure profitable technology ventures."
Felicia Lyda
Combined Worksite Solutions


Leading Edge Marketing was inspired by the response to several of my articles and speeches, notably The Five Ps of Marketing (online copy). This book is a comprehensive blueprint of the concepts presented in the article. This book is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to identify, create and deliver a hi-tech product or service that will be purchased by a critical mass of people. It presents the techniques and end-to-end process to produce a profit from products and services. The essence of my book is that it takes old principles, updates them to the current environment, adapts them to technology, and, most importantly, explains how they can be put to work to deliver respectable market share and strong profits.....with integrity. Leading Edge Marketing is a comprehensive guide to deliver a winning solution .... from concept to profit.

With the cost of introducing new technology products growing higher and higher, and the risks of failure becoming more severe, vendors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs are realizing the need for creative and highly effective marketing more and more. Yet, they are often not prepared or equipped to efficiently conceive and deliver products that people are willing to pay for. Moreover, companies are often unable or unwilling to pay for outside help. Industry players often engage without a comprehensive and viable marketing and sales plan. They rely upon conferences, trade shows, advertising agencies, books, the Internet and even analysts to help them sell their products. As technology marketing continues to mature, industry players need more than an analysis of the chasm between capabilities and customers and other idiosyncrasies of the market. Marketers need a blueprint on how to proceed. Leading Edge Marketing: Turning Technology into Value applies conventional marketing expertise and wisdom to identifying products that deliver a life cycle profit. The author presents complex and creative strategies as well as effective, proven methods and techniques. It will present both the techniques needed and the end-to-end process that should be followed for businesses to achieve success through high tech marketing. This book explains how to put the five Ps of marketing can be applied to build a customer base and deliver profits. It explains how to define, produce and deliver products and services. This includes understanding and implementing pricing and distribution strategies, the product life cycle and more. After reading this book the marketer should be equipped to developand engage in a comprehensive marketing effort.

The targeted audience includes marketing managers, product managers, venture capitalists, research firms, universities, public relations firms, entrepreneurs, design engineers, technical developers, and executives. Students preparing to enter the workforce will also benefit by reading this book.